Quick Matching in Farm Focus is a feature that will make the process of matching more efficient to streamline your office process. The Quick Matching page sits behind your Needs Action screen and allows you to select from both the invoice and transaction sides of the screen to directly match each item, rather than clicking into the details.

Access the Quick Matching screen:

You can access the Quick Matching screen from the Dashboard and also from your Needs Action screens.

Access from the Dashboard:

If you have fully coded invoices that are available to be matched, you will see a blue banner appear on your Dashboard.

This banner will alert that you have items ready to match. Click anywhere on the blue banner and you will be taken through to the Quick Matching page.

Access from the Needs Action Screen:

The Equal icon at the top right of the Needs Action screen will take you through to the Quick Matching page:

The Quick Matching Screen:

Invoices sit on the left hand side and Bank Transactions on the right hand side. Only the fully coded invoices will appear in the list as you cannot match an invoice which isn't coded.

This screen mimics the Needs Action screen with default date sorting, and the same icons for attached invoices. The underlying detail is not accessible from this screen. You can change the sorting by using the dropdown arrows located next to each of the heading categories.

Matching can happen from either side. If you select an Invoice first, then the Bank Transactions will automatically sort in order for most applicable match. If you select a Bank Transaction first, then the Invoices will sort in order of most relevant match.

Unselecting the first item will unselect ALL items.

Multiple transactions can be matched to one invoice, or multiple invoices to one transaction, but not multiple to multiple.

Matching process:

a. The first item selected becomes the main item you are matching to. It will be highlighted BLUE.

b. The total amount of items selected are shown at the top of the Invoice/transaction columns

c. After you have selected your first item, the opposite side will change out and show the suggested matches first. Then the rest of the available matches will sort in order of relevance.

d. The Match button will highlight when the items are ready to match. Click on this and the items will match up and go to the Completed Screen. The lists will default back to their set ordering.

Back to Needs Action:

Use the button at the top of the page to navigate back to the Needs Action screen if needed:

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