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Rabobank balancing - "Not received"
Rabobank balancing - "Not received"
Getting a "Not Received" message in your Balancing screen? Learn here how to fix this issue.
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There are some instances where the Rabobank balances are not fetched. This has to do with the month end date falling on a weekend or public holiday.

Your balances will continue to match between the Focus Balance and the Bank Balance, however will stay highlighted in red until the information is complete.

How to fix:

  1. Go to Settings > Bank Accounts

  2. Click into the relevant account and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

  3. Tick the box to give yourself the ability to manually enter a daily bank balance.

  4. Go to your Actuals > Balancing screen and you will now have the option to manually type in the bank account balance. Check this against your online banking to ensure the correct amount.

  5. Go back to the Settings > Bank Accounts and unselect this box so that your bank feeds don't require daily updating.

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