When you make the switch from Cashmanager RURAL to Farm Focus we recommend you create PDF copies of the Debtors Module Reports and store them securely so that you will continue to have access to this information, should you require it.

Any invoices that are current (have been issued and not yet paid) will need to be re-created in Farm Focus when you switch so it is best to choose a time to switch when these are at a minimum.

Please note: The date range may need to be limited if the file size becomes too large.

  1. Invoice Report (recommended)

    This report shows all invoices issued to every client across all years listed in Client order. When used with the Current Debtors Detail report, you will get the full picture of each client.

    • Select "All Clients"

    • Enter all years by typing in the start date until your switching date

    • Tick the box to Reprint printed invoices and this will create a PDF for you to save.

  2. Other Party Report (recommended)

    This report lists all the address details for each of the clients in your system.

    • Select Detailed option

    • Show the Debtors

    • Ensure dropdown is set to Active

    • This will generate a PDF to save.

  3. Current Debtor Details Report (recommended)

    The report shows the total of each invoice, each payment, and the running balance for each client.

    • Select All Clients

    • Enter the date range to cover all years

    • Print Zero balances

    • This will generate a PDF for you to save.

  4. Products Report (if Product list used)

    The report shows your list of current product descriptions and prices.

    • Select Active Records

    • Choose to order by Code

    • This will generate a Product List report for you to save.

  5. Debtors Allocation Report (optional)

    This report is useful for reconciling the payments to the invoices.

    • Select All Client

    • Choose the date range to show all years

    • Check the box to Show Credit invoices

  6. Sales Transaction Report (optional)

This report lists all the invoice lines in a shorter format than the invoice report.

  • Select All Clients

  • Choose the date range for all years

  • Select to sort by Client, Date

  • Choose for each Enterprise (if applicable)

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