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How to disconnect your BNZ bank feed
How to disconnect your BNZ bank feed
Learn how to disconnect your BNZ bank feeds for all of your accounts, or for selected accounts
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There are a few options available in Farm Focus for disconnecting your bank feed. You can choose to either disconnect individual accounts or disconnect your entire BNZ feed. Follow the steps below to learn how.

Disconnect individual accounts:

  1. Click into Settings > Bank Accounts and select the account you wish to disconnect.

  2. Click to Stop bank feed

  3. The account will now be a Manual account and any transaction going forward will need to be input manually, or exported via a downloaded file.

Disconnect the entire BNZ feed:

  1. Click into Settings > Connectors and choose the BNZ option

  2. Click to Disconnect BNZ

  3. The BNZ connection will now cease and your accounts will be a manual input.

Remove BNZ bank accounts from Farm Focus:

If you have changed banks or no longer have BNZ bank accounts that you want to bring into Farm Focus you can choose to remove your bank account information completely.

  1. Click into Settings > Bank Accounts and select the relevant account(s).

  2. Ensure the account status is Active and then click to Remove Bank Account.

  3. This bank account will no longer appear throughout Farm Focus.

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