We have the option for our Farm Focus team to do the Switch for you. This will involve migrating your data from Cashmanager RURAL to Farm Focus so that the hard work is done and you can start using Farm Focus now.

As part of the migration, Cashmanager RURAL needs to be fully coded and reconciled up to date, and have a Spring Clean run. All of your unreconciled items will be coded to a SUSPENSE code and will be GST exempt.

Follow this process to re-code these items in Farm Focus to the correct codes:

  1. In the Actuals section of Farm Focus click into the Completed tab. This is where all of your coded and matched items will sit.

  2. Ensure you are in the correct financial year, and then type Suspense into the search box.

  3. This will filter out all of the items which have been coded to Suspense and will be the transactions from Cashmanager RURAL which hadn't been reconciled.

  4. Click on the three menu dots for the transaction to View Transaction

  5. Overtype the Code to the correct code for the item, ensure the GST type is correct, then click Save.

  6. Repeat this for each of the Suspense items until all are coded correctly. This won't affect your Balancing as everything will be balanced up to the date of the Switch.

  7. If you would like, you can then go to your Settings > Farm Codes and choose to delete the Suspense category so that this option doesn't appear in your future coding or reports. You can do this by clicking on the three menu dots and selecting the Delete option.

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