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Edit a code in your Completed screen
Edit a code in your Completed screen

Learn how to make changes to previously completed transactions

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If you have incorrectly input a code and saved the Invoice and/or Transaction to your Completed items, there is an efficient way to be able to go through and edit these without having to go back into every individual transaction or invoice.

  1. Go to your Actuals > Completed

  2. Ensure the view is set to the Coded Lines view

  3. You will notice all the coded lines have a magnifying glass icon which you can select and it will drop down your code list.

  4. Delete the existing code and type in your new code either by name, code name, or abbreviation. Select the new code and hit Enter

This will save a lot of time if you need to go through and correct codes that have been input incorrectly.

TIP: You can click on your category headings to sort by Code or Other Party and combine common items to make this process easier. You can also

use the search function at the top right-hand corner to refine your list even further.

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