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View your Breeding Percentage in the Working Plan
View your Breeding Percentage in the Working Plan

Learn how to find a quick view of your planned or actual breeding percentages in the Livestock tab of your Plan

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If you have a business that has breeding as a part of the operation it is handy to be able to see a quick view of your breeding percentages. This is useful when you are planning your births for the year, but also when you are viewing your actuals and comparing them against previous results.

To ensure that the breeding percentage calculates correctly, you need to check that the Livestock code has a Breeding status selected that is either Breeding, Secondary Breeding, or Progeny. If the livestock code is set to None, then there will be no calculation. You can check this in Settings > Codes > Farm Codes and check in each of the livestock codes:

Follow these steps to view your Breeding percentages:

  1. In the Plan, click on the Livestock Tab. You will see the three menu dots at the category level of each stock class:

  2. Click on the dots and select Breeding %:

  3. View your Breeding percentages. This will be broken down for each of Primary and Secondary breeding:

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