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Add notes to capture more information throughout Farm Focus
Add notes to capture more information throughout Farm Focus
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If you want to capture additional detail throughout Farm Focus you can choose to add notes. This can be done in your Actuals screen into your Invoices and Transactions, both in the Needs Action screen and in your Completed Items. You can also add notes to actuals and planned items in your Plans.

Add notes in the Actuals:

There are three menu dots that you will frequently see throughout areas of Farm Focus. When you click on these dots you will see what options you have, and of these options will be one to "Add Note".

Add notes in the Plans:

In your Plan you can view your planned or actual items by clicking into the worksheet grid and selecting the View or Add option. When you are viewing or adding the information there is also the option here to add more notes

Invoice scanner and Integrations:

For Farmlands and Farmsource integrations the notes will be automatically added for you, and for invoices that are sent through the invoice scanner will pick up notes automatically as long as the invoice is in a standard format.

Viewing notes in your Reports:

Reports such as the Analysis by Code and the Cashflow Detail will show these notes if you select from the viewing options to View Notes. They will be displayed through the report in a line directly underneath the transaction line.

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