Livestock Trading on the Dashboard

Learn about the Livestock trading summary on your Dashboard

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The Livestock Trading Summary panel on the Dashboard gives you a snapshot of your Year-to-Date actuals for Sales and purchases. The data is driven from actual information to date and all prices are GST-exclusive.

You will see your list of stock categories and can expand or collapse each category by clicking on the chevron (or arrow) to the left of each category header. If a livestock class has no sales or purchases, then they will not show on this list.

You can click between the options to view $/Head, $/kgLW and $/kgCW. Whichever option you choose will persist for the next time you log into Farm Focus.

All livestock sales units of measure will be driven from the default chosen in your livestock codes, either live weight (LW) or carcass weight (CW). You can view these by going to Settings > Codes > Farm Codes and clicking on any of your livestock codes. The default unit of measure is found when you scroll to the bottom of your livestock code set-up.

All livestock purchases unit of measure will be in live weight.

Clicking on the Livestock button on this dashboard panel will take you directly through to your Livestock tab in your current year Working Plan.

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