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Filing historical GST returns
Filing historical GST returns

Save time and get better results, in the long term, by finalising your historical GST returns. Learn how to file historical GST returns.

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You cannot finalise your current GST return, if you have historical GST returns that are not finalised.

We are aware that some of our clients are not finalising their GST returns, which may cause flow on effects with the IRD and for completing your end of financial year accounts. It is important to save your GST as final in Farm Focus even if you do not file directly with IRD from Farm Focus. In order to file a GST return:

  • All transactions, for the GST reporting period, need to be matched or coded, and

  • The balance on Farm Focus must be balanced with the bank balance.

Remember if you file your GST manually with IRD you still need to finalise your GST return within Farm Focus. This locks down the transactions for that period. You finalise the report by clicking on Save Final within the GST report.

How do I finalise historical GST returns?

Finalising historical GST returns should be done in conjunction with your Accountant.

Why: It is possible that there will be inconsistencies with the information on Farm Focus and what has been filed with IRD. Ideally any inconsistencies between the information on Farm Focus and the GST return submitted to IRD should be rectified prior to finalising your GST on Farm Focus.

It is possible that your Accountant may advise you to finalise your GST returns even if they do not align with what was submitted to the IRD, however, it is essential that the Accountant is aware of these inconsistencies. This is why our support team are unable to finalise the historical GST reports on your behalf.

You can finalise the current GST return, once all your historical GST returns have been finalised.

Moving forward, it is important that the GST return on Farm Focus aligns with the GST return submitted to the IRD, even if you file GST manually with the IRD or your Accountant files on your behalf.

There are many benefits to finalising your GST return within Farm Focus:

  • It provides a record of what you have filed with IRD.

  • It provides a record of what you have claimed and not claimed for GST returns. This makes the end of financial year process simpler and more cost effective.

  • Finalising GST locks down transactions, for that GST period, in Farm Focus.

  • You have paid for the functionality as part of your Farm Focus subscription.

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