You can own a Farm Focus subscription in Australia and New Zealand but there are a few differences.

In Australia...

  • clients pay their subscriptions by credit card. Payment by Direct Debit is not available.

  • bank feeds are available from Rabobank.

  • the Bill Payment feature is not available

  • the Invoice Scanner is available. The other Connectors are not relevant to Australian farmers.

  • clients must enter their State when completing their address within Farm Business.

  • clients complete a GST worksheet. They then transfer information from their GST worksheet to their BAS statement and file with ATO. They are unable to file directly to the ATO.

  • the GST rate is 10%.

  • terminology in the Farm Focus Help Centre resources can be different. Key differences include:

- GST (Goods and Services Tax) number should be replaced with

ABN (Australian Business Number)

- IRD (Inland Revenue Department) should be replaced with ATO

(Australian Tax Office)

- GST return should be replaced with BAS (Business

Activity Statement)

  • the Help Centre telephone number is 1800 351 781.

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