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Export cashflow to Microsoft Excel
Export cashflow to Microsoft Excel

Farmers can export their Farm Focus Cashflow plan to Microsoft Excel

Updated over a week ago

Knowledge of current and future cash position allows farmers to know how much cash is available in the bank, at any time, thus managing overdraft limits.

  1. The cashflow plan can be found in the Plan navigation bar under Cashflow.

  2. Exporting of the cashflow plan is triggered from the print icon.

  3. The report can be:

    1. filtered by specific codes, bank accounts, and tags, and

    2. viewed as cash or accrual.

  4. When the cashflow plan is exported to Microsoft Excel:

    1. formulas are not included, and

    2. overall bank balances are exported rather than individual bank balances.

  5. You can not export the cashflow plan to Microsoft Excel when:

    1. the 'compare data' mode is selected, and

    2. 'financial year items' mode is selected (Note: this is available in cash view only).

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