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Prepare a GST Worksheet for Australian farmers
Prepare a GST Worksheet for Australian farmers

This resource will help you understand the process for completing and filing your GST Worksheet for Australian Farmers.

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Farm Focus makes GST reporting easy; the bulk of the work has already been done as you enter and code information in the Actuals screen.

Before you prepare your GST Worksheet it is important to make sure that your balances and transactions are all reconciled so that no errors pull through into your GST Worksheet.

If the balance in Farm Focus matches your bank balance, all you need to do is review the worksheet before completing your Business Activity Statement (BAS) and filing your report with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).

1. Create your GST report

  1. Click on Reports and scroll down to the GST Worksheet

  2. Select the GST Worksheet that relates to the period you're filing.

2. Check the GST Worksheet

Check your GST Worksheet. To review the details click on the drop-down arrow key next to Coded lines.

Go through the sections and make sure the items have been coded correctly and given the correct GST type (e.g. Business, GST Free, Input Taxed Supplies, Not Applicable, and Personal).

If anything needs to be corrected, locate the transaction in the Actuals screen and correct it.​

3. Finalise the GST Worksheet

Once you're happy with the information in the GST Worksheet you can finalise it by clicking on Finalise.
By finalising the worksheet all the items for that period are locked into it.​

4. Transfer information from your GST Worksheet to your BAS and file with the ATO

Once the GST Worksheet is finalised, transfer the information to your BAS and file it with the ATO.

Click on Go to ATO for a direct link to the ATO website.

Once the BAS has been submitted to ATO, making changes to GST types should be done with caution as these changes will void your return with ATO.

Optional - Download and print the GST Worksheet

Click on the Print button in the GST Worksheet to download the report to your computer's downloads folder.

You'll have the option to print only the first page of the report or to include the coded lines as well.

Once you've downloaded the worksheet, you can open it, to print.

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