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Filter by Bank Account
Filter by Bank Account

Filter all your plans by bank account, so you only see information relevant to that bank account.

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To filter by bank account:

  1. Click in the Plan

  2. Check you are in Cashflow

  3. Select the Filter icon

  4. Select the relevant bank account. The short name for the filtered bank account will appear on the plan header. This is not displayed when 'All accounts' is selected.

  5. If you want to revert back to 'All accounts' click the cross to exit.

Only information relevant to the selected bank account will be visible. You are able to manipulate the plan as usual. All changes on the plan will be applied to that filtered bank account. The opening and closing bank balances on the plan will relate to that bank account, as will the actual and planned items in the grids.

At any time you can view a consolidated view of your farming business by selecting 'All Accounts".

Tips and Tricks

The Filter by Bank Account does not apply to:

  • the Livestock grid as it includes non-financial livestock events

  • Dairy Forecaster as each forecaster accommodates 1 planned payment per month so their is no point in filtering.

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