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Getting Started
Focus Advantage sign-up and training
Focus Advantage sign-up and training

This is for Focus Advantage customers. It covers sign-up and creating your initial budget including stock grid and dairy forecaster.

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Sign-up for Farm Focus

Watch this video to learn about the sign-up process.

If you want to get straight into it:

  • Log into Farm Focus and click the ‘Start new’ button. Select the '1 Year' or '1 month' option.

  • At the 'Set up Direct Debit screen', Enter ADVANTAGE in the coupon code field and click 'Apply'. Once this coupon has been entered then your plan summary total will be $0.00 NZD.

  • Click the Apply button when entering your code, for the coupon to take effect.



Preparing for your upcoming farming venture can be overwhelming but Focus Advantage will make the financial analysis straightforward.

The Working Plan is your main budget. It consists of three key elements:

· Cashflow: Tracks dollar values.

· Livestock Grid: Monitors stock quantities.

· Dairy Forecaster: Focuses on this season's milk production. (Dairy only)

If you want to consider various scenarios, create a series of draft budgets outlining each scenario. You can promote your preferred scenario plan to your main budget or working plan. We’d recommend you add a description to each of these draft plans.

Once you've finalised your main budget (known in Farm Focus as your Working Plan), save a baseline read-only version. If your venture progresses, your read-only baseline budget will serve as a reference point throughout the year, allowing you to track deviations and gauge performance accurately. You can use the baseline plan to generate insightful reports, such as Variance or Year-to-Date (YTD) comparisons. As the year progresses, the actuals will sit on top of the planned items in your budget.

We'd also recommend you save a baseline copy of each plan you send to the bank. You can then produce a variance report to compare what you achieved versus what you said you'd achieve preparing you for future meetings with your bank manager.

Next year you can use your actuals from last year as a guide to creating your budget.

Budget / Cashflow

Livestock Grid or Livestock Reconciliation

Dairy Forecaster

For more detailed information watch our in-depth webinars below:

Questions? Just call or email our friendly team:

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