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Set up a bank account

How to record your farm working accounts

Updated over a week ago

Login to your Farm Focus farm business.

  1. Click on Settings

  2. Select Bank accounts.

  3. Click on Add bank account.

Set up bank account details

  1.  Select your bank from the drop-down list and enter your account number and name.

    TIP:  The Account short name is an abbreviation that you’ll use in the Activity and Planning screens.

  2. Record the opening balance for your bank account.  You can choose to record your opening balance from either: 

  • At the start of your financial year, or

  • The day the bank account was opened

    TIP:  Click on the calendar to change the start date for the opening balance.

Set up overdraft details

If the bank account has an overdraft, tick "This account has an overdraft".

Enter your overdraft limit and interest rate for applicable years.

OPTIONAL:  Interest rates that are entered for future years will automatically calculate overdraft interest in the future dated plans.

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