Add a new farm code

Learn how to build your code list to suit your farming business including how to add a new Section, Category or Extended code.

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The farm code list is the backbone of your data. Farm codes help you calculate your GST returns, report on income and expenditure and create and maintain plans.

You can add a new farm code in two areas of Farm Focus:

  • in your Settings and

  • within your Invoices (for extended codes only).

1. Add a new code to your Farm Code list in Settings:

To create a Farm Code:

  1. Log into Farm Focus

  2. Click on Settings

  3. Click on Codes

  4. Click on Farm Codes

a. Add a new Category code in your Settings:

  1. Click on the three dots on the appropriate Section code

  2. Select New Category

  3. Enter the Category code, this will be a shortened version of the name

  4. Enter the Name

  5. Choose your GST type, this will be automatically applied each time you use this code (You will be able to change it manually each time if you wish)

  6. You may choose to apply a tag, as with the GST this will be automatically applied to the line each time you use this code

  7. Choose a type for your code:

  • Income - This is used for any regular Income codes

  • Expense - This is used for any regular Expense codes

  • Product - Allows you to track the quantities of a product, used for items like wool or honey

  • Stock - When the Stock code is selected, it will generate a mirror code (one for income and one for expense)

8. You will need to select a KPI reporting group for your category code, the KPI reporting group determines how your information is displayed in the reports

9. Click Done to save the new Code

b. Add a new Extended Code in your Settings

  1. Select the three dots on the category code that you want to enter an extended code underneath.

  2. Select new Extended code,

  3. Follow steps 3-9 for creating a Category code

2. Alternative ways to create codes:

a. Using the +symbol while in Farm Codes

  1. Click on Settings>Codes>Farm Codes

  2. Click on the + symbol at the top right corner of the screen and you will be able to select if you want to add a new Section, Total, Category or Extended code

  3. Follow steps above

This method also gives you the option to enter a new section and Total.

b. Add a new code while you are coding an Invoice in your Actuals:

If you are in your Actuals > Needs Action and are part way through coding an invoice, you can also add a new extended code directly from here.

  • Click into the coding area and your code list will drop down. At the bottom, you have the option to Add a new extended code.

TIP: Dairy Farmers - for the Milk Production 'Parent Category Code' there is an additional 'Type' called 'Milk Solids'. This needs to be selected for this season's milk production 'Extended code' to be able to link to the Dairy Forecaster.

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