You can add a new farm code in two areas of Farm Focus: in your Settings and also within your Invoices.

Add a new code on your Farm Code list in Settings:

  • Go to your Settings > Codes > Farm Codes

  • Click on the + symbol at the top right corner of the screen and you will be able to select if you want to add a new Section, Total, Category or Extended code.

  • Select the option you want and fill in the information required.

  • Ensure you select the correct KPI Reporting Group for your code for your information to reflect accurately in your reports.

Add a new code directly into the parent code Category in your Settings:

  • Scroll down to the section or category where you want to add a code i.e. Dairy Livestock - I.C. Hfrs

  • Click on the three menu dots to see your options and select New Extended code.

Add a new code while you are coding an Invoice in your Actuals:

If you are in your Actuals > Needs Action and are part way through coding an invoice, you can also add a new extended code directly from here.

  • Click into the coding area and your code list will drop down. At the bottom you will have the option to + Add new extended code

  • Go through the same process to input the relevant information and save your new code.

Entering code details:

What details to include when you record you new code:

  1. If you’re adding an Extended code, select the Parent Category Code that you want it to sit under i.e. Fertiliser.If you’re adding a Category, select the Section that you want it to sit under i.e. Farm Expenditure.

  2. Enter a code abbreviation i.e. ST and a Name i.e. Soil Testing.


Select the correct GST type. If you’re creating an Extended code, the GST type is inherited from the Category i.e. Fertiliser is 15% claimable (Business type) while Wages are exempt of GST (Exempt type).

If you’re creating a Category code, the GST type reflects the Section it sits under.


There are five Types to choose from:

  • Income
    items such as rebates and other farm income.

  • Expense
    Farm working, capital and personal expenses.

  • Stock
    Livestock sales and purchases including grazing.

  • Product

  • Milk solids
    This season’s milk production.

3. Click Done, to save the new code.

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