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The Actuals screen
Overview of the Actuals screen
Overview of the Actuals screen

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On the left hand side of the Actuals screen are the Invoices and right hand side are Bank transactions. The Actuals page is made up of the Needs Action, Matching, Completed, Stock Activity, Bill Payments, Tax Invoices, Repeating and Balancing screens.

The Needs Action

The Needs Action screen is made up of two sections; Invoices and Bank transactions.


Invoices are on the left hand side of the screen. There are five ways to bring invoices into the Needs Action screen of Farm Focus

  • Connectors

  • Invoice scanner

  • File upload

  • Manual invoice

  • Tax invoice.

Bank Transactions

Bank transactions are on the right hand side of the screen. They record money physically coming in or out of your bank account. Bank transactions are recorded in Farm Focus using:

  • Automated bank feeds

  • Importing a transaction file from your bank's website

  • Manually entered from bank statements


Select the Match tab to match invoices to transactions as transactions arrive in the bank feed.


Once bank transactions are matched, they move to the Completed screen. Use this screen to find historical transactions, review and amend coding or add additional attachments to transactions. There are two views:

  • Transactions - these are the bank transactions (eg Farmlands payment)

  • Coded lines - these are the individual coded lines

You also have the ability to view other financial years or customise the date range.

To find historical information use the search function, or use the drop down arrow to sort.

Transactions can be sort by:

  • Payment date

  • Invoice date

  • Other Party

  • Reference

  • Particulars

  • Bank account

  • Amount

Coded lines can be sort by:

  • Payment date

  • Invoice date

  • Other Party

  • Description

  • Code

  • GST

  • Tag

  • Quantity

  • Bank account

  • Amount

Stock Activity

This screen lists all financial (sales/purchases) and non-financial (births, deaths etc) stock events for the financial year selected. They can be sort by:

  • Event date

  • Event type

  • Stock code

  • Description

  • Tag

  • Amount, if applicable

  • Quantity

You can also record a non financial stock event from this screen. Select the Non-Financial Event.

Bill Payments

To quickly and efficiently pay your bills, a file can be created from the invoices in Farm Focus and uploaded to your online banking.

The Bill Payment process allows you to export multiple batches to your online banking, and identifies your invoices with a batch number to allow for more efficient matching to bank transactions.

Tax Invoices

This screen lists all tax invoices that have been created and can be sort by:

  • Payment date

  • Other party

  • Reference number

  • Bank account

  • Invoiced amount

  • Balance


This screen lists all the manually created repeating invoices. Farm Focus can automatically generate invoices for income or payments that recur regularly, such as monthly rental income or family loan repayment, by creating a repeating invoice. These can be sort by:

  • Next

  • Previous

  • Other party

  • Frequency

  • Repeat

  • Amount


This is where you make sure your Farm Focus bank transactions reconcile and balance with your bank account. All transactions are sorted by date order to easily check that the Focus balance matches with your actual bank balance.

Transactions can be made visible by clicking the drop-down arrow next to month-end date.

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