The main areas of the Actuals screen are:

Needs Action

All actual information is recorded in this area. This includes:

  • Invoices (bills and credit notes) 

  • Bank transactions

  • Non-financial stock events


All coded and matched financial transactions are located in this area and can be filtered by the following:

  • Payment date

  • Invoice date

  • Other Party

  • Description

  • Code

  • GST

  • Tag

  • Quantity

  • Bank account

  • Amount

You can also view by transactions to filter by reference and particulars. 


All transactions are sorted by date order to easily check that the Focus balance matches with your actual bank balance.

Each transaction indicates if it was brought in through a Bank Feed or a manual import, and whether it has been coded or not.

  • Focus Balance
    Sum of coded items only

  • Bank balance
    If using bank feeds, this will reflect your true bank balance 

Stock Activity

This is a read-only screen that lists all financial (sales/purchases) and non-financial (births, deaths etc) stock events. They can also be filtered by:

  • Event date

  • Event type

  • Stock code

  • Description

  • Tag

  • Amount, if applicable

  • Quantity

To record a non financial stock event, Select the +Non-Financial Event option

The Needs Action area

The Needs Action area is made up of two sections; Invoices and Bank transactions.

Invoices and Tax Invoices

Record information about bills, tax invoices and credit notes due to move through your farm bank account.

If you're Invoice basis for GST, you'll also use this section to record all invoices for your GST returns.

Invoices are matched to bank transactions.  Check out how to record an invoice for more information.

Bank Transactions

Bank transactions are recorded in your farm business using:

  • Automated bank feeds  

  • Importing a transaction file from your bank's website

  • Manually recorded from bank statements

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