Security, login and password

Farm Focus takes your data security very seriously, which is why we have built some robust features to protect your information

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Signing up

When you first sign up to Farm Focus a confirmation email will be sent to your email account, to be activated within three days.  If you don’t activate your account within the three day limit, you’ll need to request a new email from the website. 

Logging in

Saved passwords

When logging into your farm business the browser you use may prompt you to save your login details for future reference. 

 At Farm Focus, we don’t recommend that you use your browser to save passwords.  It’s not a very secure way to protect your passwords .  However, if you do want to save your passwords, you could look at Consumer NZ’s website.   It has rated a number of well known password managers.  

Failed login?

See our help article on how to unlock your user account here


Update email
For security reasons, if you need to change the email address you use to log into your farm business, you’ll need to contact the Customer Services team, who will do it for you.


Creating a password

When creating a user account in Farm Focus you’ll be asked to create a password.

Your new password must have at least 10 characters, contain uppercase, lowercase and numbers. It must NOT contain personal information or common two word phrases like ”Whiterabbit1”.

You’ll get an idea of how good your password is as you create it, as the levels range from worst to strong. 

Once your password reaches a minimum of eight characters in length, the Sign up button is activated to finish signing up.

Resetting a password

When resetting your password, instructions are sent to your registered email address.  You’ll have four hours to act on the email before it times out.

If you haven’t reset your password within this time, you’ll need to send another email request.

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