There are two ways to include your Non-Financial events into Farm Focus, either in the Actuals section under the Stock Activity Tab, or within the Working Plan revised view, within the Actuals section.

In the Stock Activity tab:

Click  + Non-Financial Event

For each event you should record the following:

  1. The date of the event

  2. The type of event.

  3. The stock class.

  4. A description (optional).

  5. The quantity of livestock involved.

When entering a Birth event you'll notice an extra field called Parent Ext Code.   This field lets you allocate the event to a breeding stock class such as MA ewes, 2th ewes, or ewe hoggets so that breeding percentages can be calculated.

Click Save when you have completed the event.

Once the event has been recorded, It will be listed in the Stock activity tab of the Actuals screen, along with your other livestock transactions.

TIP: It is important to remember to enter in any birth events prior to any other events for that stock class. For example, you have 1000 lambs born and sell 500 of them. You will need to enter the birth event before you can sell those stock. This keeps the Livestock Reconciliation tidy as you progress through the year, and easier to move into the next financial year.

In the Working Plan:

  • Click into the greyed-out Actuals area in the Livestock Tab of your Working Plan.

  • Drop down the Stock class category and click into the relevant cell.

  • Click on +Add and then you can enter the livestock event details the same as you would within the Stock Activity Tab.

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