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Activities to try in the Focus 7 Day Demo
Activities to try in the Focus 7 Day Demo
Not sure what to do in the Farm Focus demo? Here are a few suggestions
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Navigate through the 5 key areas of Farm Focus by clicking on the Navigation menu down the left-hand side: Dashboard, Plan, Actuals, Reports & Settings.

Activities to try in the Dashboard:

  • Click into the Pie charts for Money earned and Money Spent to view a breakdown of how the business income and expenditure is allocated throughout the year.

Activities to try in the Settings:

  • Check out the Livestock tab and the opening & closing weights and values for each stock class. These flow through into the reports to provide a better analysis of your business.

  • Look into the Tags tab to understand more about the differences between Management Tags and Cost Tags.

Activities to try in Actuals

  • Code a bank transaction or an invoice

  • Set up a new coding rule

  • Match bank transactions to corresponding invoices

  • Record livestock events (financial and non-financial).  

  • Filter for the following views in the Completed and Stock activity tabs
    Date, Other party, Coded lines or Transactions, Amount, Quantity, Event date

Activities to try in the Working Plan:

View your Reports:

  • Create a GST return and view your filing options

  • Check out your EFS report and learn about the different viewing options

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