Importing your monthly supplier statement has the added benefit of listing each item separately with additional  purchase information loaded into the Description field.   

All you need to do is allocate a category and extended code to each line.

TIP: so that your coding is accurate and consistent, try creating some time-saving invoice coding rules.

Import your statement into Farm Focus

NOTE: Before you can import the file, you need to download it from your supplier's website first.

  1. Go to the Actuals screen in your farm business.

  2. Click on the upload arrow in the top right corner of the screen. Select Supplier Invoice.

3.  Select your supplier and locate the file on your computer or tablet.

4. Click  the import button to bring the file into the Actuals screen, ready to code.

Tip: If your "Other Party" is an exact match to the to an existing Contact in Focus, these details will be used for making batch payments.

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