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Import PGG Wrightsons, Ruralco, Ravensdown or Farm Source statements
Import PGG Wrightsons, Ruralco, Ravensdown or Farm Source statements

Save time and import your monthly PGG Wrightson, RuralCo, Ravensdown or Farm Source transactions into Farm Focus.

Updated over a week ago

We are working with our suppliers to deliver automated invoices to Farm Focus. In the interim, this is a quick way to get your statements into Farm Focus. Importing your monthly supplier statement has the benefit of listing each item separately with additional purchase information loaded into the Description field.   All you need to do is allocate a category and extended code to each line.

TIP: so that your coding is accurate and consistent, try creating some time-saving invoice coding rules.

Import your statement into Farm Focus

Download your supplier's file

Before you can import the file, you need to download the file from your supplier's website. This is usually a CSV file. All supplier's websites are different. Below is a guide (as of July 2023) to where to go on each supplier's website:

PGG Wrightson

  1. Log into PGG Wrightson website.

  2. Go into Transaction Listings.

  3. Enter the Transaction Date range required. This is usually for a month.

  4. Then select Download.


  1. Log onto the Ruralco website.

  2. Select Statements.

  3. Find the required month.

  4. Select the second icon which is the CSV file icon.


  1. Log into the Ravensdown website.

  2. Select My Finances.

  3. Find the required month.

  4. Click on the Save icon.

Import your file into Farm Focus

  1. Go to the Actuals screen > Needs Action.

  2. Click on the import file icon on the top right corner of the screen. In the Import file page select Supplier invoice as the file type.

3.  Select your provider.

4. Select Browse to locate the file on your device. Find the file you have recently downloaded.

5. Select Import.

You will find your invoice in the Needs Action screen, ready to code.

Tips and Tricks

Users can manipulate other supplier invoices into a format (CSV file) that is supported by the Farm Focus import function. This can be useful if you have suppliers you buy various products from and have multiple lines to code. This is for experienced Excel/Word users and is not considered best practice.

To construct a CSV file so it can be input into Farm Focus:

  1. Download a PDF invoice from your supplier.

  2. Open the file using Word.

  3. Open a historical CSV file (eg: PGG Wrightson file) in Excel.

  4. Copy transaction lines from a Word file and paste them into the PGG Wrightson CSV Excel file (beneath the previous transactions... leave original transactions there until you have checked everything).

  5. Make all the columns correspond. (i.e. copy and paste to get the amount and description into the right column).

  6. Make sure there are no merged cells.

  7. Delete all non-transaction lines (e.g. summaries, invoice totals etc) and the original PGG Wrightson lines but leave the column headings.

  8. Save as a CSV file.

  9. Go into Focus, and download the file as a PGG Wrightson file.

  10. Make sure the statement date is correct and change the Other Party name.

  11. Upload and code as normal.

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