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Edit an existing farm code

In Farm Focus you can edit an existing farm code to suit your Farming business

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In the Settings screen:

  1. Select Codes.

  2. Click on Farm Codes.

Select a code to edit

  1. Use the downward arrows to expand the code list.
    Scroll to find the code you would like to edit.

  2. Hover over the code and select the 3 vertical dots.

  3. Click Edit to move to the edit code screen.

Edit the selected code


John’s existing extended code for farm fuel was combining all farm fuel purchases under one code. 

John would like to code the diesel used in his tractor separately from the petrol used in the farm bikes.

In the edit code screen, John will

  1. Edit the extended code:
    ​ FF will become DI.

  2. Edit the name:
    ​ Farm Fuel will become Diesel.

  3. Check and save the changes by clicking Done

What happens now:

  • John will then add a new farm code for petrol transactions

  • When a fuel-related transaction is coded, John will have specialised codes available

  • The edited code and the new farm code will show in the Farm codes list as shown below

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