With each subscription you receive a free Management tag. You can purchase additional Management tags.

To purchase additional Management Tags

  1. Go to the Tags screen found in Settings - Tags.

  2. Click on + Add new

3. Use the arrows to choose the number of additional management tags you would like to add to your subscription.            

4. Click Confirm.

To remove or change Management tags

If you have purchased additional Management tags and no longer require them, you can downgrade your Management tags to Cost tags. This will remove the Management tag.

You can also use your Management tag subscription for a different purpose. Your old Management tag will be downgraded to a cost tag. (For example previously you used your Management tag to track income and expenses of your beef business and now you want to use your Management tag to track income and expenses of a second farm you purchased).

Select the menu dots to the right of the Tag in Settings and click on Downgrade.

You will then be prompted to cancel the Management Tag Subscription or keep the Management Tag subscription to Create a new Management Tag.

Management tags track your revenue AND expenses for separate operations that have the same GST number so that you can view each as a standalone business. Cost tags only track costs/expenditure. They are useful to track costs of activities eg: wool shed extension.

In Farm Focus there is no limit of the number of Cost tags you have.

What next? 

Set up your management tag

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