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Set up your Management Tags
Set up your Management Tags

Set up your Management Tags to start analysing the different areas of your farm business

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When you purchase a full or additional database, or if you migrate from Cashmanager RURAL, your subscription includes one free management tag. Management Tags will track your revenue AND expenses for separate operations that have the same GST number so that you can view each as a standalone business.

To set up Management Tags:

  1. In the settings screen: Select Tags.

  2. Click Set up Management Tag.

  1. Enter a name for your Tag.

  2. Add a short name.
    This will be visible when you add a tag to a transaction or planned item.

  3. Add a description for more information.

  4. Choose a colour.
    This will help to easily identify your Tag when tagging transactions and planned items.

  5. Click Save.

What happens now:

You will now have the ability to add a tag to actual transactions and planned items. 

TIP: You can edit your tag preferences in the Settings - Tags screen by clicking directly on the tag you have created. 

If you have Switched from Cashmanager RURAL:

Your Enterprises will be transferred across to Farm Focus. Cost Tags can be Upgraded to become Management Tags should they generate a separate income stream to the main business.

  1. Go to Set up Management tag and select to Upgrade and existing Cost tag.

  2. Select from the dropdown menu the Tag you wish to upgrade.

  3. Click Save to confirm the changes.

What if I don't want this Management Tag anymore?

Likewise, you can Downgrade your Management tags to Cost Tags if you only want to track expenditure, and have no need to track revenue separately.

Select the menu dots to the right of the Tag in Settings and click on Downgrade.

You will then be prompted to cancel the Management Tag Subscription or keep the Management Tag subscription to Create a new Management Tag.

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