View how your business is performing year on year
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Trends analysis will help you understand how your business is performing year on year.

With the trends report you can compare up to 5 years of data. You can:

  • filter the report down to specific codes, bank accounts or tags,

  • view the report by accrual or payment date,

  • compare historical data for up to 5 consecutive years,

  • include current year and compare with four previous years.

  • include next financial year for all plans and compare with current year and three previous years. This allows for scenario planning.

If using current year:

  • choose between 'Actuals' and 'Actuals + Plan' to show only actual data or actual and working plan data, and

  • set the revision month.

If the revision month is set to the current month, unpaid invoices are included for the current month. Planned items are included for future months only.

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