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Balancing your Rabobank All-in-One account
Balancing your Rabobank All-in-One account

Learn about the different options you have to balance your Rabobank bank account in Farm Focus

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The Rabobank All-in-One account encompasses your total borrowing position, both working capital and term lending.

If you have active bank feeds then the bank balance displayed in the Farm Focus Balancing screen will reflect the total loan position.

Your Focus balance will refer to cash movements only.

You can choose to either enter your bank balance manually, or accept the balances from the Bank feeds so that the information is accurate.

TIP: It is recommended with Direct Bank feeds to choose not to manually enter the bank balance.

How to deactivate Daily Bank Balancing:

  1. Go to the Settings Menu

  2. Select Bank Accounts
    Select your Rabobank account from the list to move to the Bank Account Details screen

  3. At the bottom of the Bank Account Details screen you will see the box to Manually enter daily bank balance. Ensure that this box is unchecked.

How to manually balance

You will also have the option to manually balance your bank accounts if you wish, in which case you will tick the box in your Bank Account Settings to Manually enter daily bank balance.

Then in the Actuals / Balancing screen you will enter the Bank Balance line the correct bank balance as per your bank statement.

More information 

For more information about All In One accounts, Please visit the Rabobank website

More information about Balancing in Farm Focus:

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