A Rabobank All In One Account combines your everyday banking with your loan facilities. 

  • The bank balance, displayed in the Focus Balancing Screen, is now fed directly into your Rabobank farm business. This combined balance includes loan facilities 

  • Your Focus Balance refers to cash movements only 

For more information about All In One accounts, Please visit the Rabobank website

Activate Manual balance function

  1. Go to the Settings Menu

  2. Select Bank Accounts
    Select your Rabobank account from the list to move to the Bank Account Details screen

  3. At the bottom of the Bank Account Details screen, select the option to manually enter daily balance.

How to manually balance

  1. In the Actuals - Balancing screen

  2. Click on the incorrect Bank Balance to allow editing
    Enter the correct balance then press enter on your keyboard

More information 

Why is the bank balance in my farm business unbalanced?

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