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Merge multiple invoice lines or select lines to bulk code
Merge multiple invoice lines or select lines to bulk code
You can simplify your invoice by merging lines together or you can apply the same code to multiple invoice lines
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Invoices and statements often hold many lines of information all relating to the same project or code.
You can merge these lines together into a single line, or bulk code all selected lines. This feature makes coding and reporting quicker, easier and more relevant for you and your business.

How to select invoice lines to bulk code or merge

  1. To select all lines within an invoice:

  • Click the drop-down option in the top left corner of your invoice

  • Select - All

    2. To select specific lines within an invoice:

  • Hover over the first line to be included in the bulk batch 

  • Click the checkbox that appears on the left of the line 

  • Repeat to add additional lines

TIP: The top left corner of your screen displays the number of selected lines. Click the X next to the number selected to un-select all lines or you can un-tick them individually

Bulk code within an Invoice

How to apply the same code to multiple lines within an invoice

  1. Select the lines that will have the same code applied

  2. Enter the code that will be applied to the selected lines. All selected lines will have now have the same code applied
    TIP: You can enter the code into any one of the selected invoice lines

NOTE: Production and livestock invoice lines that require more detailed information are not suitable to bulk code. These codes will not be available for you to select.

Merge lines within an invoice

How to merge multiple lines to become a single invoice line

  1. Select all of the lines that will be merged into one
    NOTE: The line at the top of your selection will become the single merged line

  2. Click Merge. All of the selected lines will merge to become one line ready for you to code

Note: Description and quantity information will be blank once merged. You can  enter a description that is clear and meaningful for you and your business

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