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Bank transactions
Create a manual bank transaction
Create a manual bank transaction
You can manually enter bank transactions into your Needs Action screen
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How to create a manual bank transaction

In the Actuals - Needs Action screen:

  1. Select + Create new, next to the Bank transactions heading.

  • Click Money in for deposits

  • Click Money out for Withdrawals

Bank transaction details

After selecting money in or money out a new bank transaction form will appear. You will need to enter the following information:

  1. Bank transaction date

  2. Bank account that the transaction relates to

  3. The total amount of the deposit or withdrawal

You can now code or match the bank transaction to Complete is, or click Save to save the bank transaction to the Needs Action screen.

NOTE: Other Party, Reference and Particulars fields are optional, but highly recommended. If you have Coding Rules set up you will need at least the Other Party information included to be able to apply the rule.

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