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How does the Invoice Scanner work?

The Invoice Scanner reads documents that you send to your unique email address and creates an invoice record in your Needs Action screen.  The original document is also attached to the invoice. 

Who can sign up for this service?

The Subscription Owner and users who have Organisation Admin access to the farm business.

Where do I sign up?

Find out how in this article How to sign up to the Invoice Scanner.

Where can I find my unique email address?

In your farm business click on Settings - Connectors.  Double click your mouse on the Invoice Scanner connector to view your email address

We recommend you save this email address into your email contacts.

Can I access the email account for this address?

No - the email address is only a means for moving invoices into your farm business.

What are the accepted file types?

Pdf's, jpeg's and png's.  If you send an unrecognised file type, you'll receive an email in your personal inbox.

Can I send more than one attachment at once?

Yes, you can send as many attachments in one email as you like. Each attachment generate its own invoice in your farm business.

Can I import my trader statement using the Invoice Scanner?

The Invoice Scanner is more suited to invoices rather than invoice/statements, kill sheets, Fonterra statements etc.
We don't recommend that you import your statement.

Should I get my supplier to direct email invoices to the Invoice Scanner?

We don't recommend it (sometimes running your eye over the invoice first can identify mistakes), but you can if you'd like to.  You could also ask the supplier to CC your personal email as well.

When should I email my invoices?

You can email your invoices whenever it suits you.

How can I identify the invoices in Farm Focus?

Your invoices will appear in the Needs Action screen, under the Invoices heading. Each invoice is easily identified by the Invoice Scanner icon. 

Can I edit the invoice in Farm Focus?

Yes - once a record has been created in your farm business you can treat it the same as you would for any other invoice. 

Do I need to code my invoice immediately? 

No - you can code the invoice in your own time or as you would with any other invoice as long as you remember to match it to the corresponding bank transaction.  Find out more.

Can I disconnect from the Invoice Scanner?

Not at this stage.  Please contact our Customer Success Team.

Video tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to set up the Invoice Scanner and send bills to the Invoice Scanner

Watch this video to learn how to train the invoice scanner and use the invoice scanner on a daily basis.

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