If you file GST from Farm Focus for the first time and get an 'Unknown error has occurred' error message try filing it again.

If you are still unsuccessful, a message will appear indicating the reason.

1. Unauthorised delegation

This means that you don't have permission to file GST on behalf of the farm business.

You will need to get the correct access to continue.

2. Invalid filing period

Check that you have the correct filing period in your Focus farm business i.e. 1-monthly, 2-monthly or 6-monthly.

While you're viewing the GST return, click on the Settings cog in the top right corner of your screen. Correct the GST period if necessary.

Also, check that the start and end date for the return period is correct.

3. No return found

No return exists for the selected filing period. Check that you're filing period of 1-monthly, 2-monthly or 6-monthly is correct.

4. Duplicate return

A return for this period has already been filed with IRD.

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