You can use the settings function in the Tax Invoices to customise your invoices to your farming business.

Go into your Actuals section and select Tax Invoices. Go to the Settings toggle within this page:

This will open up the options to customise the invoice form.

GST mode

You can select either GST inclusive or GST exclusive to set a default for how you prefer to view your invoices. If you change this default it will only affect invoices created going forward, your historic invoices will not be adjusted.

You can click on the Farm Business Logo section to select a file, or can drag and drop your logo file into this section. You can also add a personal message in the Notes for your customers in this section which may include information on payment terms for late payments.

Any changes you make to these settings will be set in place going forward. Any historical invoices already saved will continue to have their historical logo/message and information in them.

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