Tax Invoice Summary Report

Track your Aged Debtors with the Tax Invoice Summary Report

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The Tax Invoice Summary report is an easy way to monitor your Aged Debtors, to keep track of any unpaid invoices.

There are a couple of ways to locate the report:

You can find this report under the Reports section of Farm Focus, and click on the Tax Invoice Summary report:

You can also find this report within the Tax Invoices tab of your Actuals. There is an icon at the top right of the screen that will give you a quick link through to the report:

  1. When you are viewing the Tax Invoice Summary report you can use the black arrows to drop down into each customer group to view in more detail the invoices that have been issued, the amount owing, and the period they have been outstanding. This will help you locate specific invoices that you may want to re-send to your customers to alert them to any outstanding payments.

  2. You can see the totals for each customer at the bottom of their section, to get a quick overview of how much is owed for current, 30 days, 60 days and 90+ days. You can also see the running total of all invoices for that group.

  3. Down the bottom of the screen, the totals are tallied up for all of your invoices.

  4. You can print a copy of this report, or select the pdf. option to send this report to your wider team.

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