At this stage Farm Focus does not have a direct integration with Fonterra but we are working with Fonterra to provide this in the future.

When you get your payment from Fonterra on the 15th of the month, this payment will have your total milk production payment,

LESS deductions and/or Levies,

LESS your Farmsource monthly statement.

To be able to match the invoice with the transaction, follow these steps below:

  1. Create a Money In Invoice for the Fonterra Milk Production income. Include the quantity of milk solids produced for the month as per your Fonterra statement (only for This Season milk production). Attach the pdf of the statement for your records via the paper clip in the top left hand corner.

    If you have retro payments included, enter these on a separate line but do not enter a milk solids quantity for this as it will distort your total production figures.

  2. Create a Money Out Invoice for your levies and deductions. Add lines to separate your Dairy NZ levies from any of your other deductions (if applicable).

  3. Code your Farmsource statement in full. If any items have been purchased in-store and are included on the Farmsource Statement you will need to delete these item lines from your invoice, and overtype the total amount to the correct value being charged.

    Farm Focus has a direct feed with Farmsource which you can activate in the Connectors section of your Settings. If you have this connection set up, your monthly Farmsource statement will automatically appear as an invoice in the Needs Action screen with the item lines ready to be coded.

    There is also the option to import your Farmsouce Statement as a CSV file via the upload icon in the top right-hand corner of your Needs Action screen:

    If you do not have these set up you will need to manually record a Money Out Invoice to account for the Farmsource expenses.

  4. Once the bank transaction direct credit has been actioned on the 15th, you can click into the Bank Transaction and match to all three invoices: Farmsource, Fonterra income, Fonterra levies.

    * Choose the expense invoices before the income invoice when you match.


    Use the Quick Matching function by selecting the "equals" icon in the top right corner of your Needs Action Screen.

    Once inside the Quick Matching screen, check the boxes for all three invoices, and the corresponding transaction. Click the Match button.

Invoice Basis customers:

If you have an Invoice Basis business for your GST reporting you will need to ensure that you select the Issue Date on your Fonterra statement as the Invoice date. This is usually the 7th of the same month that your Fonterra income is paid.

When you file your GST return, ensure that any current Fonterra/Farmsource invoices remain in the Needs Action screen unmatched until you have your GST return completed for the previous period i.e. your May/June return is completed and filed before you match your July invoices.

Payments Basis customers:

If you are a Payments Basis business for your GST reporting it is not so important which date the invoice date is as long as it remains consistent, whether it is the 30th/31st of prior month - when the milk was produced, or the 7th of the current month . However, you will only need to make sure that for Year End processes that any June income is applied to the May of the previous year.

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