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Recommended set up for your Office and Computer
Recommended set up for your Office and Computer
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Once you start using Farm Focus you will notice the benefits of it being available anytime and on any device. Being cloud-based means that the application is available on a web browser, so it can be open over multiple tabs in your browser, or on many different browsers at the same time.

Below are some recommendations to help you optimise your office processes:

Which Browser do I use?

We recommend using Chrome as the best browser for Farm Focus. You can also use Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. You will need the latest version of the browser.

How can I adjust the Zoom or Colour contrast to meet my preferences?

When you are using Farm Focus on your computer you should be able to see the full screen as you can in the picture below. If you are only seeing a portion of the information on the screen, you might have your Zoom preferences set differently.

You can find out ways to adjust your screen settings for brightness and contrast here:

Mac Users:

How to adjust my Screen Settings here

Windows Users:

How to adjust my Screen Settings here

To adjust the Zoom for a Safari browser:

To adjust the Zoom for most other browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox) click on the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner and select the Zoom option. Use the +/- to increase or decrease the size of your webpage.

** Firefox browsers will show 3 lines instead of 3 dots, but located in the same place.

Manage your emailed invoices:

Create a rule in your email account so that invoices are automatically forwarded to the Farm Focus Invoice Scanner.

You can Manage your Rules and Alerts and create a rule that selects any email with the word "invoice" in the subject line, and that has an attachment, to forward a copy through to your scan2focus email.

This means you don't need to keep track of which invoices have been sent to Farm Focus and which haven't. All you need to do is check into Farm Focus when it suits to code and match your invoices.

Some suppliers might still send you paper invoices which you can scan and send to the invoice scanner. Most suppliers are happy to email invoices, so you can always send them a message requesting your invoices to be emailed in future.

You might get invoices emailed to you as a link rather than an attachment. You can ask your supplier to change the settings at their end to include the invoice as an attachment, it is a simple check box for them to do this.

Duplicate your browser:

Right-click on your browser tab and select Duplicate from the list to duplicate your browser tabs. This way you can have multiple browsers open to have different areas of Farm Focus open at the same time, or multiple databases open at the same time.

Use 2 screens or 2 devices:

It is an ideal office set up to have two screens. This way, you can have your emails open on one screen, and your Farm Focus open on another. Or have two browsers open with Farm Focus in different areas i.e. you could be coding your Actuals at the same time as viewing your Cashflow or Reports.

Have your iPad or iPhone next to you with the Help Centre open so that you can watch the tutorials to learn about the features in Farm Focus while you work.

Recommended Farm Code list:

When you switch to Farm Focus from Cashmanager RURAL your farm code list will come across with you. It is a good chance to go through and add or delete codes to suit your business better. If you need a little guidance to update this list, you can view the Code list on our 7-day Demo as a recommended list of farm codes.

Access Farm Focus straight from your Desktop:

If you use Firefox:

  1. Click on the padlock icon to the left of the address bar on your screen.

  2. Hold and drag the mouse onto your desktop and release.

  3. This will create the shortcut to your desktop

Bookmark your webpage for quicker access:

When you are logged into Farm Focus, you can simply click on the Favourites Star to add this page as a bookmark for your browser, and then next time you log in, you can simply click into your Favourites to go straight to your login page.

Likewise - a good option to bookmark other pages such as the Farm Focus Help Centre which can be located on this link.

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