The codes in Cash Manager Focus have been created with you in mind.

All you have to do is choose a farming template like sheep, beef or dairy and we do the rest.

You'll find your code list is geared toward farming, complete with livestock codes for financial and non financial events and other farmer specific coding such as Land Management - Riparian Planting.

Farm codes help you to:

  • Calculate your GST returns

  • Report on income and spending

  • Create and maintain plans

TIP: Cash Manager Focus allows you to have an unlimited number of codes. However, having too many codes can cause confusion so try to keep your code list as simple as you can.


The code structure is organised into 4 levels:

1. Section
This level groups similar codes together like income i.e. sheep and beef sales, milk production and other farm income.

2.  Totals
This level create totaling areas for reporting and analysis i.e. total Income minus total Purchases equals Net Income.

3.   Category
Are broad management areas such as livestock sales or purchases or animal health costs.

4.  Extended code
Are a subgroup of the category; and offers more detail.  For example, repairs and maintenance expenditure that relates to water supply.

TIP: Sections, category and extended codes can be re positioned by dragging and dropping the code.

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