The Livestock codes now have the ability to default to either Carcass weight or Live weight. This means that when you are coding, the default will be populated for you, however, you can easily override this as you complete your coding.

Having the option to put in the weight information for your livestock will help significantly when analysing the efficiency and outputs of your business.

If you are unsure which carcass weight yield to put into your codes, we recommend using the Beef and Lamb NZ figures as a start.

Please note: If your particular breed of livestock is a typically higher or lower-yielding breed, then you are able to alter the yield percentage to suit.


MA Ewes 39%

2ths Ewes 44%

Hoggets 44%

Lambs 44%


MA Cows 49%

R2 Heifers 54%

R1 Heifers 54%

R2 Steers 54%

R1 Steers 54%

R2 Bulls 54%

R1 Bulls 54%

Breeding Bulls 54%

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