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Farm Working Costs on the Dashboard
Farm Working Costs on the Dashboard

Learn how the information on your Farm Working Cost Tracker can help you track and plan for your Dairy farming operation

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If your farming operation has milking as part of the business activities then the Farm Working Cost Tracker will display on your dashboard. This graph will track for you the cost per kilogram of milk solids ($/kgMS) and how this accumulates each month throughout the year, therefore displaying your total cost of production.

For accurate analysis, you need to record the total kgMS you aim to produce for the season. To do this follow these steps:

  • On your Farm Working Cost tracker click on Update Forecast

  • Enter in your current year target production and click Save

  • You can also select the dropdown arrow for Previous years and enter your historical information so that your previous year's production reports are accurate (EFS report).

How the calculation works:

The graph takes the total kgMS for the year and divides that by farm working expenses (FWE) paid each month, which accumulates as the year progresses.

For example, July's dollar value is divided by the total kgMS for the year.

For August, it is July and August's dollar value divided by the total KGMS for the year, for September it is the July, August and September dollar value divided by the full year's KGMS and so on.

The farm working expenses are made up from the Expenditure section in the EFS (Performance Summary) report. The graph's final plot should equal what the EFS report displays in the expense section.

What about Invoice basis or Payment basis GST?

  • If you are on an invoice basis GST data is selected and displayed based on the invoice date on farm expense transactions.

  • If you are on a payments basis GST data is selected based on the financial year and displayed based on the transaction date.

Not a dairy farmer?

If you are not a dairy farmer and you are getting this display on your dashboard it will be due to having code categories set to a Dairy KPI Reporting group. You can learn here how to resolve this issue.

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