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Incorrect dashboard display
Incorrect dashboard display

Learn how to fix your dashboard if you are a sheep and beef farmer and the Dairy dashboard is on display

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In January 2022 there was a new update that made some changes to the Farm Focus dashboard for dairy farming businesses. This now shows the Farm Working Cost Tracker and the Break-even milk price.

For some sheep and beef customers, this is also shown on their dashboards. The reason this is displayed is due to some farm codes being set to a dairy KPI reporting group i.e. beef cattle livestock codes that are set as dairy livestock codes.

How to fix:

  • Go to Settings > Codes > Farm Codes

  • Drop down your list of codes with the chevrons at the top of the code list, and also tick the box to Show Inactive codes so that any codes you may have deactivated appear on the list.

  • Click into your Cattle codes and scroll down to the KPI Reporting Group. Check that the Reporting Group is set to Cattle Livestock rather than Dairy Livestock.

    Change all relevant codes to the correct KPI group, and ensure that you also change this at the Category level as well as the extended code level.

  • Click Save to confirm your changes.

  • If the save button isn't working, check that you have all the required fields filled in. You might need to add in a default unit of measure and yield if you haven't done this already.

  • Once all codes are aligned to the correct KPI reporting group then the dashboard will display correctly.

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