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Create a manual Invoice
Create a manual Invoice

Learn here how to manually create a Money In or Money Out invoice

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There are some instances where you might need to create an invoice manually when the type of document is not suitable for the invoice scanner. i.e. Kill sheet from a meat company, buyer created credit invoices, GST receipts from card transactions, Fonterra milk income, monthly lease payments etc.

Recording these as invoices in Farm Focus helps to be able to get a full view of your entire month owed or owing in your Needs Action screen, and will also update these unpaid invoices into your Working Plan and in your reports.

Follow this process to create a manual invoice:

  1. In your Actuals > Needs Action click on the Invoice + Record and select either Money In or Money Out depending on what you are recording.

  2. Along the top of the screen enter in the correct Invoice Date, Due Date, Other Party (or select from your dropdown options), Reference (if applicable), Account and Amount.

  3. Enter the information on the coded lines. Add new line if you need more than one line for the invoice.

  4. Click on the attachment icon and either Drag and drop your saved invoice onto the screen, or browse your computer for the relevant document (if applicable).

  5. Click Save to save this invoice to your list in Needs Action, or Match if the transaction has already happened.

Fonterra Milk Income:

When you have Farm Source as a connector in Farm Focus, your invoice will be posted with all of your Farms Source transactions. The Fonterra income in your Transactions will have your total milk income with the Farm Source amount automatically deducted. You will therefore need to create a Fonterra Milk Money In invoice to be able to match both the Fonterra and the Farm Source invoices to the one Payment from Fonterra.

Learn more about the best practice process for handling Fonterra and Farm Source payments here.

Regular invoices:

You may have a monthly lease income/expense or a monthly Hire Purchase payment that you want to record in your Needs Action screen. These payments are the same amount every time. Including these in your invoices list will add to your monthly totals and give you a clear view of how much your bank balance will change during the month.

You can create a repeating invoice so that every month the invoice is automatically populating in the Needs Action screen. Learn how to create a repeating invoice here.

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