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Set up your new Milk Production codes to activate your Dairy Forecaster
Set up your new Milk Production codes to activate your Dairy Forecaster

Learn how to set up milk income codes you haven't previously had milk income in your business.

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If you haven't previously had your Milk Income codes set up and would like to be able to activate the Dairy Forecaster in your Working Plan, you will need to follow this process to set up your new Milk Income codes:

  1. Log into Farm Focus and go to Settings > Codes > Farm Codes

  2. In the INCOME section click the three menu dots at the right-hand side and select to create New Category

  3. Fill in the details required to create the Category. Ensure the Section is INCOME. Choose an abbreviation for the Category Code and give it a name that is relevant to the milk production in your business

    e.g. MP and Milk Production.

  4. Check that the GST type is set to Business, and apply a Tag if needed.

  5. Scroll down select the KPI Reporting Group and select which type of Milk production you are reporting with this code. Choose either Milk - Dairy, Milk - Goats, or Milk - Sheep.

  6. Click Done to save.

  7. You will now need to create the Extended Codes within this Category. Click on the three menu dots on the right-hand side of the Milk Production category and choose New Extended Code

  8. Create a code for This Season's production. Give it a relevant name and abbreviated code, apply any Tags, and select the Type to be Milk Solids.

  9. You will then select the Milk Company or choose Other if your milk company is not on the list.

  10. Select from the Business Model options either Owner, Sharemilker, or Contract milker.

  11. The Dairy Forecaster will now be active in your Working Plan for you to plot out your dairy production and payments for the season.

  12. You can set up as many extended codes under this category as you need for other items such as Last season's deferred payments, levies, and deductions. Ensure that the type is Income or Expense rather than Milk Solids.

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