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Accrual View in the Working Plan
Accrual View in the Working Plan

Learn about the Accrual View function in the Working Plan and the different features to track farm profitability

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The Accrual view in the Working Plan will show you a view of your month-by-month performance on a profit basis rather than a cashflow basis. This view will record your income and expense items at the date they occurred (invoice or event date) to show you a true profit or loss for each month.

Due to this view being on an accrual basis, there are some changes to some of the features in the cashflow view. The GST Components and the cashflow Opening and closing balances will not be viewable in the Accrual view.

How to view Accrual:

  • Select the viewing icon (eye) in the top right-hand corner of the Working Plan Cashflow.

  • Choose the Accrual option and any other options that are relevant to you.

  • All of your items will appear in line with their event or invoice date, and this view will persist when you change financial years.

  • Any of your future planned items will appear in the month in line with the payment terms you have set.

  • Unpaid invoices in your Needs Action screen will populate in the Working Plan in the Accrual view as long as they are coded.

  • When you click to view a specific item you will see the items listed in order of invoice date. The Payment date will still be shown in the item line.

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