When you create your farm business in Farm Focus, a working plan is automatically created for the current financial year, including any Actuals to date, plus your Planned items for the year ahead.

If a bank balance is recorded in Settings - Bank accounts, with a start date earlier than the current financial year, a section called ‘year Actuals’ will be created.

This is called the Working Plan due to it being a live and working document that is automatically revised up to date as the year progresses. You can name each of your plans to personalise them, and this name will be visible on the Working Plan Landing page below the corresponding plan. This name will move with the Plan whether you make it a Draft or a Baseline, or move it into another financial year.

Working Plan in the current year

Your working plan for the current financial year will display actual transactions up to revision date and planned transactions for the remainder of the year.  

This view will change month by month as actual transactions come into your farm business from bank feeds, and manually imported bank transactions in the Actuals screen.

The following areas may change as a result of your actual transactions replacing planned transactions for the same period, especially when there are timing or production differences.

  • Monthly bank balances

  • Livestock tallies

  • Milk production

Monthly revision and re-forecasting help you to easily identify these differences and update your plan to accommodate them.

Get to know your icons in the Working Plan

  1. Print: click this icon to print the Working Plan or create a PDF to save. Only the lines that are populated with information will print.

  2. Compare Data: click this icon to show a comparison on Line 2 in your Working Plan

    • Quantites will show all of your quantities on Line 2. This includes things like stock numbers, milk solid kgs, litres of drench or hectares cultivated etc. Any quantity information you have coded in your actuals or forecast in your plan will show in Line 2.

    • The Actuals option will allow you to select the Actuals from a previous financial year to populate Line 2. This is handy for when you are building your budget for the new year; you can populate the second line with your previous information to give you a guide.

    • The Plan option allows you to select any other plan to go in Line 2. This could be a baseline plan you have previously saved to compare the monthly variances from your initial plan or use a draft plan to view the seasonal changes of your current system with a different scenario.

  3. Viewing Options: click this icon to see the viewing options available.

    • The Financial Year option will flag with blue any cells that have payments relating to a previous financial year, such as deferred fertiliser payments, of your Accounts Payable at the end of the previous Financial Year. This option will also add in an additional column called "Future FY" which will show any items which are invoiced in the current year but will be paid in a future financial year.

    • The other viewing options relate to livestock and you can read more about them here.

  4. Keyboard shortcuts: click this icon to view a few handy keyboard shortcuts if you prefer to use your keyboard when entering information into your Working Plan.

  5. Settings: click this icon to change the name of your plan, amend the opening livestock numbers or add in Opening GST.

    The tick icon means that your latest changes in the working plan are saved and up to date.

Working plan in a future dated year

Your working plan for a future dated financial year such as 2021/22 will display only planned items for the entire year.  Actual transactions won't play a part in your plan until that financial year actually starts i.e. from 1st July 2021.

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