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Record your invoice date for Milk Production
Record your invoice date for Milk Production

Farm Focus will give you the option to choose your invoice date when you are coding your Milk production income

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NOTE: If you follow best practices to manage Fonterra and Farmsource invoices/statements, you do not need to follow this process.

When you are coding your Milk production income it is important to ensure you are using the correct invoice date so that your production is applied to the correct reporting period. Farm Focus automatically prompts you to add an invoice date for any milk production codes that have Milk solids selected as the Type in the code settings. This prompt applies when you are coding in the Transaction side of the Needs Action screen.

How does it work?

When you are coding a Milk Solid portion of a transaction (whether it is already matched to a Farmsource invoice) you will enter in the milk production code, a description, and the quantity of milk solids:

You will click either Save or Save and Next and this will prompt you to add an invoice date to your milk production line. Click Apply to confirm this invoice date:

The invoice date you have selected will apply to your milk production coded line only. Any other coded lines in the transaction will have a default invoice date that is the same as the payment date unless it has already been matched to a fully coded invoice.

This function is NOT available for any transactions that have been through a finalised GST return.

Learn more about the recommended process for handling your Fonterra and Farmsource invoices and transactions here.

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