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Learn more about the features of the Asset Register in Farm Focus

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The Asset Register in Farm Focus allows for a simple way to record your farm assets. The assets you enter here do not currently feed to other parts of Farm Focus but can be kept for your record purposes.

The Asset register is also available for customers on a Limited Subscription.

How to record your assets in Farm Focus

You can find the Asset register in Settings > Assets Register:

Click on the + Add an asset button to record a new item in your register.

The purchase date will automatically default to today's date but you can change this if your item had been previously purchased.

You are required to fill in the first 4 fields: Purchase date, Asset, Purchase price, and Asset type.

It is optional to add a Note to provide further detail about the item.

You can also record a Sale Date and Sale Price for items that you have sold. You cannot enter a negative figure or a date that precedes the purchase date.

Note the Asset Register values are GST-exclusive.

Click Save to confirm your record.

a. The list of assets will automatically default in order of purchase date but you can click on any of the headers to choose how you would like to sort the view of your list.

b. Click on the +Add button to add a new asset to the register.

c. You can print a copy of the list or download a PDF copy to your files.

d. Click on the three menu dots if you wish to Edit or Delete one of your asset items.

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