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Processing sheet deductions in Farm Focus
Processing sheet deductions in Farm Focus

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All processing sheets (kill sheets) include deductions whether they be commission, yard fee, NAIT processing, Beef & Lamb NZ, or product inspection levy etc. The way you approach these deductions when coding within Farm Focus is a personal preference and depends on your management reporting requirements. There are pros and cons of each option.

The simplest and recommended approach is to use the net price after all commissions or deductions and levies have been applied. When coding the invoice apply the net price and delete all the additional deductions and use the average weight. See example below:

Corresponding coded lines in Farm Focus:

If several stock classes are on the same invoice, you may need to manually calculate the percentage deductions for each stock class.

If you want to record deductions and commissions separately these are a couple of options:

Option 1

Add additional lines to take into consideration the deductions when coding the invoice. You can be as specific as you like i.e. add the detail of each deduction (e.g., Beef & Lamb & NAIT levy etc) or simply lump the deductions into one payment - see example below.

Code the deductions to the stock class they related to and select Other as the Event type for the deductions. That way the deductions will be applied to the corresponding stock code throughout livestock reports.

Option 2

If you don't want to associate deductions with a stock class, create a new expense code. Choose where it appears in the code list, whether it sits in the stock category or in farm expenditure. That way the stock price will be listed as the gross amount.

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