Set up your Fonterra monthly statement

This feed will sync your monthly Fonterra statements directly into Farm Focus.

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Set-up the Fonterra feed

  1. Go to Settings and select Connectors

  2. Click on Connect Fonterra

  3. Make sure you have the following information handy:

    1. Fonterra supplier name

    2. Fonterra authorised signatory

    3. Supply Number

    4. Party Number

  4. Select how you would like your statement displayed with Single line or Multi-line.

    1. Single line - displays a consolidated view of your Fonterra statement. There will be a maximum of two lines;

      • this month's production including kgMS produced that month, and if appropriate

      • last season's retro/deferred payments.

    2. Multi-line - displays all the lines in the Fonterra statement. This allows you to differentiate all the various payments eg: winter milk premium, volume adjustment payment etc. You can code or merge the various lines to meet your reporting requirements.

  5. Click Save. Once saved, you will need to Print the form. The Save button will change to the Print form button.

  6. Select Print form. This will print the form ready for the Fonterra authorised signatory to sign the form, scan and forward it to An e-signature is not acceptable.

  7. Once the connector form has been received, checks and balances are undertaken. Fonterra will authorise the connection and the feed (Fonterra monthly statement) will commence the following month.

  8. Your Fonterra feed will appear monthly as two invoices in the Needs Action screen.

    • An invoice with related milk production information. The level of information supplied will depend on whether you select Single line or Multi line.

    • An invoice for deductions i.e. DairyNZ and Biosecurity levies.

    • The Farm Source invoice is available through a separate connector. Learn more here.


  • The Fonterra feeds will arrive in Farm Focus between the 15-20th of each month. This date is driven by Fonterra's processes and procedures.

  • Each Farm Focus subscription can connect up to 6 Fonterra supply numbers.

  • You can easily move between single and multi-line displays. Go to Settings > Connectors > Fonterra and select the preferred display. Any change will take effect the following month.

  • You can cancel the feed before it is authorised by Fonterra. Go to Settings > Connectors > Fonterra and select Cancel Feed on the top right-hand side.

  • You can disconnect a feed after it is active. Go to Settings > Connectors > Fonterra and Discconect feed. You will receive a warning message before you disconnect the feed.

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